Who are we

SEY-Sterren is the testfactory of the north, and the spin-off of the ICT-Empowerment Project by Stichting Empower Yourself (SEY), where special people are re-educated to become software testers over the course of a year.

Because we know not every company has the time or the means to train new testers, we started the social enterprise SEY-Sterren. As a social enterprise and like every other enterprise, SEY-Sterren offers a business service. We stand for quality ICT-services tailored to the client, coupled with our mission to help special people progress and offer them an extra platform for their work.

Our testfactory in Groningen offers flexible test-capacity for every imaginable product. Long-distance testing, crowd testing, developing test scenarios, automated testing, and test consultancy are all part of our portfolio.

From SEY-Sterren we can take over testwork for concerned employers. Our professionals are driven workers with a finished education, and possess all skills required to test software thoroughly and in a structured fashion.

Software Testing at SEY-Sterren

SEY-Sterren aims to test a large variety of applications. Mobile and web apps, as well as desktop apps and API’s.

Based on a structured risk analysis – using tools like riskstorming – we identify the most important quality attributes and risks. This is the foundation for a thorough test strategy.

Additionally, SEY-Sterren executes the tests in accordance with this test strategy and reports the results supported by test stories, reports, and bugreports (in YouTrack or the client’s bug tracker of choice).

We also find it important to communicate with the client regularly. That way, critical issues are reported as soon as we find them. We will use this method in every phase of the development process. That ensures that our method is not just applicable to a finished product, but also a (partial) product that is still in development.