Scrum master

Hello, Let me introduce myself! I am Klaas Durk Toonen, I’m working in the management for SEY-Sterren.

My connection to this organisation mostly comes from my passion for ICT, software testing, the mission of SEY-Sterren and of course from the talented software testers working in this organisation.

Currently I am the world champion software testing, as well as a jury and organisator at the Dutch Software Testing Championships. Adding to that, as a software tester i’ve participated in both European- and World championships. Together with my team we managed to come in first place for both championships.

My career as software tester started in 1999. During this time I enjoyed working for various organisations such as: Hospitals, pension- and insurance branches, the government and publishers. Thanks to these varied jobs, I’ve gained a lot of experience in the ICT field.

Within SEY-Sterren I mostly focus my expertise on Exploratory Testing, Test automatisation (Java & Python) and an Agile working atmosphere.

As scrum master I make sure nothing stands in the way of our software testers, this ensures they can continue to excel at their job and to provide outstanding work everytime. Furthermore, I regularly give training sessions, where I am able to share my enthusiasm and passion for ICT. In this way I am able to inspire everyone to help them grow and find their own potentials.