SEY-Sterren provides the following services:

Test Consultancy

Our test consultants form a perfect addition to any development team. He/she will offer support in guaranteeing the methodical and substantive implementation that is needed for executing test work.

In this manner the consultant can be involved with specifying testcases, or he/she can help with, for example, setting up a product risk analysis (PRA) or defining a testing strategy. Our test consultants can offer support throughout the entire test cycle.

Crowd Testing

Many hands make for light work. Or: many eyeballs make any bug shallow. Our testers can go through your app thoroughly in a few days and remove frequently made errors.

Crowd testing is an extremely large and varied discipline, and can be used in a large number of differing ways for almost every testtype: from functional testing of mobile apps to QA-testing langing pages and acceptance tests for websites.

Crowd testing is applied to digital products (think of webshops, software, applications, games, etc.). Testers are needed to reduce the risk of a product not living up to the expectations of stakeholders. This holds true for both mobile software or apps and for programs developed for a standard PC.

Below you will find the tests we do using crowd testing:

  • Functional tests
  • UI- and UX-tests
  • Usability tests
  • Executing testscripts
  • Security tests
  • Development of test scenarios

Developing test scenarios

Many apps are developed under heavy time pressure. As such, documentation is frequently omitted. Our testers can describe the usage of your app in the form of scenarios. These scenarios will enable communication between the various involved parties (developers, users, testers), and can also form the basis for automated testing.

Automated testing

Automated testing is valuable if re-testing or regression tests are expected, for example if the client makes use of Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD). To accomplish this, scenarios are expanded to include test scripts, so they can be executed automatically, and as such, with high frequency.


It is possible to hire our testers through SEY-Sterren for a limited amount of time, with the intention to hire them as permanent employees for your own company in time.